Kimmy Juhas

artist statement 

    I look at the shapes between objects, which creates this space and I draw that space in a sketchbook and then research it and investigate it using printmaking processes. My work is more effectively about the process and research rather than the end result. Enduring the long process of putting my plates in acid and graining my stone down I find meaning in these shapes; they start to come alive. These shapes in my work ultimately come to complete existence when I pull my print. They have meaning now and are able to be interpreted visually and tangibly. The texture in each print is the understanding of the process and the growing existence of this shape. Each expansion is different and with that I decide to use different means of bringing it to life. My process revolves around altered traditional printmaking, which allows me freedom while creating the spaces. In some processes, it is a 36-hour zinc plate etched into shapes then manipulated even further with needles and inks. In others, it is an intrusive counter etch on a stone creating an ability to be free with the colors and imagery. I find that creating a working atmosphere where I am taking risks with the process gives each piece its own meaning, value, and life.

artist bio

    Kimmy Juhas is a Philadelphia based artist, designer and educator who focuses mainly in the printmaking and painting medium. She uses this medium to manipulate the spaces and shapes she sees around her. The process and research is the most important part of her pieces because it brings her ideas alive. She is currently the Education Coordinator at Second State Press, a 3rd-8th grade Art Teacher, and a Floral Designer. She graduated with her BFA from Tyler School of Art. Kimmy has worked at print studios locally and internationally. These include the Printmaking Center of New Jersey and the Tyler School of Art Printmaking studio in Rome. These experiences have helped her processes grow by learning new techniques like long etches and lithography counter etches.